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Why Witness Statements Matter

One of the first things that should be done in any case is collecting reports from witnesses. This is especially true in events like car accidents. When you first retain a lawyer you should let them know about all the witnesses you have to your case. This would be anyone who saw what happened and is willing to come forward with it. In your case there may be different kinds of witnesses. Let’s go over them and why witness statements matter to your case. 

Fact Witnesses

Fact witnesses are those people who observed what actually happened. Let’s say you were in an accident, these people would have been on the scene and can testify to the order of events that occurred. This testimony is important because it will help to determine liability and fault in your case. 

Supporting Witnesses

Now hypothetically, let’s say that accident you were in caused enough damage that your life now has serious issues. Maybe you need help around the house or to do normal every day things due to injuries. The people that see how this accident has impacted you will be supporting witnesses for damages in your claim. These damages would be things like pain, suffering, and inconvenience. Even coworkers who can see that you can no longer perform at work in the same capacity as you once could would be witnesses.

Statements Are Crucial To Victory

You do not want to try to go into court with a “he said, she said” defense. If you are serious about winning your case, you are going to need witness statements as evidence. This is what gives your case credibility instead of it being two people just arguing. In most cases, even physical evidence doesn’t carry its full weight without a witness to discuss that item. Physical evidence in a case is authenticated by witness testimony in court. 

Contact A Civil Attorney

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