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Osage Mineral Rights

In the late 1800’s there was an oil discovery underneath land owned by the Osage Tribe. The Foster brothers then approached the Bureau Of Indian Affairs about looking for oil and natural gas rescources on their land. They had agreed that a percentage of the royalties for petroleum would go to the tribe. This made the Osage very wealthy but also caused a lot of problems. People were being added to the rolls without approval. Before Oklahoma became a state there was a large push to end tribal government, but conflicts arose when it came to the rolls. The Osage ended up having to share with people who did not belong to the tribe.

Land Allotments

For a time, the Osage owned and maintained control of their land. However this also became complicated. Many members had an incentive to sell their land, as owning large parcels became very difficult. There were successful negotiations to keep the Osage Mineral Rights. Anyone listed before January 1st, 1906 or July 1907 would receive a share of the reservations resources. This headright could then move on to that members legal heirs. It was set to end in the 1920’s and then land owners would control the rights to their own personal plots.

Osage Headrights Lawyer

Due to the selling of surface land and complications of knowing who owns rights to rescources, this is a complicated area to tackle. Ownership of these rights extends beyond Osage members to members of other tribes and even corporations. Our Osage Headrights Lawyers can help you navigate. If you have any questions about mineral rights and resources, call our law office today. We are standing by to help you in any way that we can.
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