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Evictions During Covid 19

In Oklahoma, leases and rental agreements have been greatly impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. People have had their job hours cut, have been laid off, and others sent to work from home. This drastically reduced and in some cases completely eliminated the ability to pay rent. Further, the CDC passed an emergency order which took away the ability for a tenant to be evicted due to no payment of rent. This order was then extended by the new administration.
If you are a land lord that needs to evict tenants, we are going to cover some of that now. Keeping in mind that these only apply to residential units and not commercial units.

When Can I File An Eviction?

The answer is now. As of April 1st, you can begin filing evictions again for non payment of rent. With the extension of the initial order, evictions during covid 19 were to be held off until March of this year. And this order only extended to non payment of rent. If you needed to file an eviction for any other reason such as criminal activity, you could still do so. Even with the emergency order, tenants had to prove their case in court.

What If I Am Owed Back Rent?

The CDC order did not prevent or alleviate for eventually paying rent if it was late. So any rent that was not paid during the emergency order, may still be owed as it was accrued. In Oklahoma this debt may be settled in 2 ways. 1. The tenant and landlord come to an agreement for repayment of past due rent or 2. The court orders payment through civil proceedings.

Speak With A Civil Law Attorney

If you are owed past due rent and need to collect, or pursue an eviction, contact Heskett & Heskett today. Our attorneys specialize in civil law and can represent you in your litigation.
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