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Feeling overwhelmed by the probate process? Let us help you! Losing a loved one is an emotional time and requires a grieving and healing process of it’s own. We will provide the security of experienced legal assistance for your probate legal needs. First we will find and determine if there is a legitimate will in place, or administer an estate. Then we will begin settling any debts and finding appropriate beneficiaries. This includes any relatives or friends that may be heirs. This process should always be handled with extreme professionalism, and that is why you can count on our Bartlesville probate attorney at Heskett & Heskett will help you navigate this tough time.

We want to be your probate or estate planning attorney in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and surrounding cities. Call to get started today.

Don’t wonder what would happen to your children die – know! Get the peace of mind you need by executing a valid will with legal appointment of guardianship that will detail out your final wishes to ensure they can be followed through on.

Ensuring Your Wishes are Followed

Probate law is complex and probate cases can cause a lot of emotional distress. Our expert attorneys are here to help you wade through the maze of probate with solid guidance given with the utmost respect for your trying situation. Don’t go through the probate process alone. With over 5 decades in this business, Heskett & Heskett have the experience you can trust and rely on to get through this process. You don’t have to navigate this on your own. We will answer all of your questions and get you the help you are looking for with your estate or probate case. 

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Probate and estate planning at a price you can afford. Contact our Barltesville law office today to get the representation you deserve. 

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