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As a result of our discomfort with the issue, estate planning can be something we put off for too long. It is not a pleasant topic, but it is a fact of life. Eventually, we will move on. And so, we need to be ready for when that happens. Certainly, there is no better time than now to do our final planning.

In order to be effective, every plan needs to be tailored to the individual. However, there are common elements to each estate plan. Our estate planning checklist is a handy tool that you can use to help you prepare.

Estate Planning Checklist

  1. Draft Your Will
  2. Inventory Your Estate
  3. Consider a Living Will
  4. Decide on an Executor
  5. Secure Your Documents
  6. Set up a Trust if Needed
  7. Gather Financial Information
  8. Make Clear Funeral and Body Preferences
  9. Decide Who You Will Give Power Of Attorney
  10. Decide How You Want to Distribute Your Assets
  11. Know Who You Will Appoint as Guardian for Minors and Pets
  12. Make an Appointment with an Estate Planning Attorney

It’s important to remember to review your estate plan as often as needed. In addition, think of updating beneficiary information as circumstances change. Also, keep information on digital assets up to date. Keep secure records of social media accounts, email, passwords and the like.

Carefully Consider Finances

Assemble all property titles. Also, think through any business relationships. Collect all important financial data. Make record of any checking or savings accounts. Create a list of all investments and investment accounts. And finally, make life insurance policy information available to those who will need it.

When thinking about the future, with our desire to take care of loved ones, the importance of final planning comes into clear view. If you need help with estate planning, contact Heskett & Heskett. Our top Tulsa legal team is looking forward to talking with you and helping you develop your estate plan.

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